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Studio Notes: Day 11 (Part II)

I paint “arm through water (Cartagena-Tayrona-Minca)”.

The painter in me prevails…
Paintings are nothing if not visual-emotional puzzles, with the resounding breath-thought, “Am I poisoned?”

“arm through water (Cartagena-Tayrona-Minca)”

“arm through water (Cartagena-Tayrona-Minca)”


I build the painting—if it has to be something at all rather than nothing—out of small battles, experiments. Is this the middle ground between stability and painting?

Studio Notes: Day 11 (Part I)

Experiment is grey. I feel an irresistible force to get ‘clean’, to ‘take a vacation’.

It feels, 11 days in, that there is enough mess, enough work, enough experiment.

Now it’s the time to understand the impulse to sweep my ‘Welcome’ mat; time to understand relationships between discrete phenomena, such as a North Atlantic coastline and an untimely, painful malaise; time to paint ‘miniatures’; time to be decadent; time to stop being concerned about my not caring—to attain a higher-order not caring: not caring about not caring.

The rain. The room
Vision. Lust non-lust.
Paradise. Class. Basement

This comforts me

This comforts me


I paint a small jelly to bring me comfort. It does.

I can make these all flowers.

I notice externally induced thoughts, likes and dislikes…

Boooooooo! It’s raining today.

Studio Notes: Day 10

I cannot say I’m losing my mind, but rather my sense of practicality. What is practicality anyway? The cars with drivers stop at red lights by accident, or they do so intentionally but the result is the same

Bag and hand fusion tool

Bag and hand fusion tool


The mirror reflects everything perfectly only by accident. I use a plastic bag over my arm and the two things fuse into a tool, both by accident and intention.

I paint a blue-red abstraction, melting, spliced and lascivious. It becomes a pair of RAPID BLOODY EYES!